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[Helsinki, Finland] Order caterings, why so complicated? – Deli Piste

[Helsinki, Finland] Order caterings, why so complicated?


Recently while scrolling down a Facebook group of expats (Finland IESAF), I came across so many questions asking about recommendations about where to order food for business meetings, and catering services in Helsinki. Well, one would think that it is easy to order caterings nowadays, because all the information should be available online. Do some Google search, and et voila! But sadly, it is not the reality. If you try to do one Google search about Catering services in Helsinki (or Espoo, Vantaa), you would found ton of options. Then you clicked to some top results, but all you get is some vaguely advertised catering service, with no price range and menu info. Usually the caterers all make you fill out some forms, and you have to wait for them to contact you. Imagine doing that repeatedly several times, until you find the perfect caterings, how tiresome is that?

There must be a better way than that. Our team in Deli Piste thought about it for a while, and we come up with the new solutions for you. We want to help you save your time when planning food and caterings for a business meeting, or an event. So there born the new Catering Services section in our food ordering platform. The idea is that in only one page, you can find all the best caterings service/ caterers now in Helsinki, Espoo, or Vantaa (we have asked around for recommendations, and we are sure they are the most professional, and affordable ones in the business). A lot of caterings listed have menu, price range available to you. So if you are short on time, but still want to find the best catering services, just click here. All you have to do is select the menu you like at the reasonable price for you , put on the number of people, and Worry no more!

Below are some review of the catering services that are listed in our website:

Catering photo






1. Ceidas Catering (with menu and price)

2. Taste of Thai (with menu and price)

3. Mille Mozarelle (Special Italian catering)

4. Theron Catering

5. Mat Catering (Born for gastronomic events)

6. Soupster Catering

7. Ruoto Catering

8. Hodarifillari Catering

9. Keikaus Catering

10. Eeron Keittiö

11. My Moosh (these guys are funny, and very affordable)

12. News Catering

Tips for Christmas party:



Suggested menu for Pikkujoulu from Ceidas Catering. Price is 22€/person.

– Rhubarb salad with grilled eggplants

– Salad from melon and red onion

– Roasted sweet potatoes and tomato hummus

– Broiled salmon, cauliflower and arugula creme

– Rasberry cake & whitechocolate creme