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Helsinki Restaurants, why some earns and some don’t? – Deli Piste

Helsinki Restaurants, why some earns and some don’t?



Helsinki restaurants, some are popular, and they earn lots. Yes, everyone knows the "easy" why, their food are delicious and their services are amazing. However, that's not the case for plenty of good restaurants out there, having great dishes, friendliest on earth service, but still little or hardly anyone knows about them. Okay let be realistic, many restaurants and catering services are in this situation, and yours is not the only one.

Why? The reason could be because of your location. Your restaurants are not in the center, or in some hidden places that's hard to find. Weather, Finnish weather to be precise, worsens the situation. If your restaurants are not in easy reach of public transportation, winter time is your worst enemy. 

Website? Facebook? Instagram? What's that? You don't have one. 

But whatever the reasons are, you can still WIN this game if you know where your opportunity is, and take it. It's not easy, but it is POSSIBLE to solve the mystery, why your little friend with less delicous food is more popular than YOU.

  1. Have a well-designed website with a nice, clear menu on it. 
  2. Have an attractive Lunch menu, with the best offer you can have. Figure out a lunch meal starting at 8 euro (or under 10 euro) is the best catch to get people to try your food.
  3. Advertise your lunch offer, or discount on all the channels you can reach.
  4. Not on social media? Time to do it now. Many people get reviews and recommendations through social media nowadays. Many choose a restaurant based on the "likes" number from its Facebook's page. 
  5. For new opening restaurants, get PR with publish articles on newspaper, or start blogging about your food.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, get more customers from further location and target the big fish like companies, meeting events,… 

"Yes we know all about it, but we don't have time and energy, or ability to do it!"

Then get someone elso to do it for you. What's the point of opening a restaurant if you don't want customers to know about your food?

In fact, looking for third party helps is not something strange nowaday. Get an agency, or a freelancer to do your website. Get a better partnership that can help you with marketing and promotion. Partnering with a booking website, or a trusted food delivery service that can bring much more traffic and sales to your restaurants.

Enough said, if you think your restaurant and catering service deserve much more customers, shoot us a message at contact@delipiste.fi. We help you out with the delivery service, and/or opportunity to offer your food to big companies, and events. 

Check out www.delipiste.fi for more information.