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Where to get food? A guide to order food online – Deli Piste

Where to get food? A guide to order food online

Helsinki, Finland

2015 is a blooming year for online food ordering services in Helsinki, Finland. To name a few big companies in the market: Woltapp, Foodora, Pizzaonline, DeliPiste.

Interesetingly, only two out four services (Wolt, DeliPiste) are born in Finland. PizzaOnline belongs to Delivery Hero (based in Berlin), and Foodora, a former Rocket-Internet funded Startup, is now also acquired by Delivery Hero since last September 2015. Wolt was founded in 2014 by Mikki Kuusi, a former CEO of Slush. Wolt is known for its mobile application to help you order food online and pick up in restaurants. Deli Piste is a new, young online food ordering platform from Finland. Different from the three above which specialized more on individual orders, Deli Piste focuses on groups of 5 or more people, normally meetings or special events. For this reason, they develop their sites which promises within few clicks, you can order food for many people, or even catering service for your events.   

All the services  above are listed in the same category of online food ordering services, they are basically different in their targets and methods of operation. Some are made for individual order with delivery service included, other made for group and business. It might be confusing for you to figure out where to go to place your food order. Below is a flow chart made by us to help you sort out this "where to order" problem:

Where to order food online chart